How Well Do You Know Your Signaling Algorithm?


Trading Sciences produces world-class trading signal analysis software. Developed by leading software technologists and top investment professionals, the platform provides a unique approach to understanding the process of trading ordered price movements. For traders using signaling systems to enter and exit trends, these technologies represent an entirely new paradigm in both entity selection and signal design.

Trading Sciences Technologies uses Tradescapes (above) as the principal 3-D visualization for assessing the tradable performance of financial entities. Using an ideal full accuracy signaling algorithm that separates the ordered price movements from the chaotic ones, actionable performance results are displayed in terms of the trading time horizon and the latency or lag of the trading signal. By default, the software expresses tradability in terms of reward-to-pain (RRt), the ratio of an entity’s reward (R, the robust CAGR or trend) against its average retracement (Rt, or “the pain”).

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