Ron Brown is a founder of Trading Sciences and the venture’s principal software architect for all of its technologies. Ron’s primary role in Trading Sciences is to design, code, refine and implement the company’s analytic and visualization technologies. His specialization in Trading Sciences consists of pioneering state-of-the-art technologies to more optimally design and test the signaling component of trading systems and to effectively visualize the trading landscapes and options densities for professional traders. Ron brings over 12 years’ analytical experience in industry and over 20 years’ experience as a software author and numerical analyst.

After graduating with an engineering degree from Purdue, and working at such companies as 3M, Eastman Kodak, and several Silicon Valley high-tech firms, Ron founded AISN Software in 1988. Over the course of the next 11 years, he successively authored and introduced four expert systems software products that automated the difficult processes of modeling curves (TableCurve 2D™), surfaces (TableCurve 3D™), peaks and densities (PeakFit™), and time series cyclic forecasting (AutoSignal™). These products were marketed and sold first by Jandel Scientific, then by SPSS, and currently by Systat Software. Today, over one hundred thousand scientists, engineers, and quantitative financial modelers from around the world have purchased Ron’s software packages across a diverse spectrum of sophisticated modeling applications. Top-tier clients include almost all Fortune 500 companies, Nobel prize-winning researchers and technologists, NASA, NIH, nearly all government research laboratories, large financial institutions and most of the major scientific laboratories and engineering firms in the world.

Since the venture launched its technology focus in 2008, Ron has authored innovative software and technology for trading, risk-assessment, security screening, options densities, and trading signal design and analysis. The science in the venture’s Tradescapes™ software product is the culmination of many different technologies that were developed across the span of five years.