Embracing Challenge with Proven Technology


Trading Sciences has developed substantial intellectual property to create and produce quantitative risk management tools for institutional investment professionals. All of Trading Sciences’ technologies incorporate PeakFit®, the world’s leading software for robust measurement estimation, into its core technology. PeakFit, authored by Trading Sciences’ co-founder Ron Brown, contains over ninety different density models that are non-linearly fitted to automatically estimate density distributions and fat tails with as few as 20 historical data points (be it 20 ticks or 20 days). Accurate fat tail characterizations reduce analytic assumptions, making calculations extremely robust. PeakFit has been used by thousands of scientists, engineers and financial modelers and has been the top-selling peak modeling software in the world for over 20 years.


Ron’s TableCurve 2D® and TableCurve 3D® products are the world’s leading-edge tools for curve and surface fitting. They also offer advanced algorithms for non-linear robust modeling. For a skilled analyst and modeler, TableCurve 3D can also convert real world data and Monte Carlo simulations into mathematical models that can be used as components in advanced estimation systems. Ron’s AutoSignal product offers advanced estimation of memory effects in time series as well as unique signal filtering and cycle estimation technologies, some of which are currently being used by advanced traders.